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Mercury, The word indexing add-on for EnCase™


Find It All, Fast
Mercury brings high-speed, word index-based searching to EnCase™ users. Instantly pinpoint high-value keywords and phrases using dynamic search results and proximity phrases.


Multiply Your Investigative Manpower

* Leverage multiple machines to pre-process evidence without tying up EnCase dongles
* Empower attorneys and detectives to search and review independently

Capture Low Hanging Fruit First

* Instantly locate keywords or phrases within Microsoft Outlook™ PST and Zip files
* Enhance keyword relevance by finding keywords within a specific range of each other

Boost Productivity

* Accelerate keyword reviews by viewing data with its original formatting
* Ramp-up faster and boost your review efficiency with a fully customizable, EnCase™-like user interface

System Requirements

Mercury works best when running on systems with the following:

* Windows 2000 (SP4), Windows XP (SP2), Windows 2003 Server (SP1)
* 1.5GB of RAM (2GB or greater recommended)
* 1.0GHz processor speed (3.0GHz or faster is recommended)



Mercury 1.1 Demo CD ...

Демонстрационный видео-курс:

Indexing with Mercury ... ercury.swf

Basic Searching ... rching.swf

Lower Panel & Bookmarking ... arking.swf

Sending Bookmarks To EnCase ... EnCase.swf

Proximity Searching ... rching.swf

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