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Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide

Cyber Crime Investigator's Field Guide By Bruce Middleton Paperback / November 2001 / 0849311926 Table of Contents 1The Initial Contact 2Client Site Arrival 3Evidence Collection Procedures Detailed Procedures for Obtaining a Bitstream Backup of a Hard Drive 4Evidence Collection and Analysis Tools SafeBack GetTime FileList, FileCnvt, and Excel GetFree Swap Files and GetSwap GetSlack Temporary Files Filter_I Key Word Generation TextSearch Plus CRCMD5 DiskSig Doc Mcrypt Micro-Zap Map M-Sweep Net Threat Analyzer AnaDisk Seized Scrub Spaces NTFS FileList NTFS GetFree NTFS GetSlack NTFS View NTFS Check NTIcopy Disk Search 32 EnCase Analyst’s Notebook, iBase, and iGlass BackTracing 5Password Recovery 6Questions and Answers by Subject Area Evidence Collection Legal Evidence Analysis UNIX Military Hackers BackTracing Logs Encryption Government Networking E-Mail Usenet and IRC (Chat) 7Recommended Reference Materials PERL and C Scripts UNIX, Windows, NetWare, and Macintosh Computer Internals Computer Networking Web Sites of Interest 8Case Study Recommendations Appendix A: Glossary Appendix B: Port Numbers Used by Malicious Trojan Horse Programs Appendix C: Attack Signatures Appendix D: UNIX/Linux Commands Appendix E: Cisco PIX Firewall Commands Appendix F: Discovering Unauthorized Access to Your Computer Appendix G: U.S. Department of Justice Search and Seizure Guidelines Searching and Seizing Computers without a Warrant Searching and Seizing Computers with a Warrant The Electronic Communications Privacy Act Electronic Surveillance in Communications Networks Evidence Appendices Appendix A: Sample Network Banner Language Appendix B: Sample 18 U.S.C § 2703(d) Application and Order Appendix C: Sample Language for Preservation Request Letters Under U.S.C. § 2703(f) Appendix D: Sample Pen Register/Trap and Trace Application and Order Appendix E: Sample Subpoena Language Appendix F: Sample Language for Search Warrants and Accompanying Affidavits to Search and Seize Computers Index. Footnotes The Author

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