Компьютерно - техническая экспертиза
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Computer forensics and investigations

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About the project

The project “COMPUTER FORENSICS AND INVESTIGATIONS” was created in 2002. The main object of the project, at the moment of creation, was to inform legal experts, officers of law enforcement agencies and specialists in the field of information protection about the means and methods of the decision of computer-technical expertise tasks, ways of evidence collection for investigation of hacker attacks and counteraction to computer crimes.

The year of 2004 became crucial in the development of the project as since this year the authors of the project have been taking part in several scientific projects carried on the basis of research laboratories, higher education establishments of Russia and the Republic of Belarus.

The information in this project is orientated on its use by legal experts, officers of law enforcement bodies, scientists dealing with the problems of counteraction to crimes in the sphere of high technologies (computer crimes), experts in the field of information protection, system administrators.

The authors of the project, if necessary, give methodical and practical support to officers of law enforcement bodies in the sphere of evidence collection and investigations of crimes in the high-tech field.