Компьютерно - техническая экспертиза
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Computer forensics and investigations

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Sokolov А.V., Stepaniuk A.M. Protection against computer terrorism: Reference book. - SPb: BHV- Peterburg / Arlit, 2002. - 496 pages.

The reference book gives various materials on information protection. It presents comprehensible information on methods of information control and protection by technical means. The book reviews methods and means of information protection in personal computers and computer networks. It gives brief descriptions and recommendations on use of software products and systems.
The book briefly characterizes legal aspects of information protection. The special place is given to the ways of cryptographic protection. It shows simple examples and illustrations on various methods of information protection.

The book is designed for a wide range of readers, users of personal computers, the experts, dealing with the subjects of information securing, and for all who want to know this subjects closer. It is of interest for managers of various organizations concerned with the protection of official and commercial information.