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Computer forensics and investigations

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Investigation of illegal access to computer information. Manual. The second edition, augmented and arranged / Under the editorship of Prof. Shuruhnova N.G.. - М.: the Moscow university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, 2004. - 352 pages.

The edition is devoted to the investigation technique of illegal access to computer information (article 272 of Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The book focuses on the concept of computer information, the basic ways of its storage, transfer and protection. The manual shows the criminal and criminalistic characteristic of a crime, it gives the basic lines of activity to inspector and investigator on initial and the subsequent stages of a crime investigation based on specific investigatory situations. It also features the tactics of production of particular investigative actions.
The previous edition of the book is essentially amended. The part about the ways of crime commission, including the Internet crimes, is added. The chapter, devoted to the tactics of investigation, is brought in correspondence with the new procedural criminal law. The new part about the international cooperation in fighting crimes in the field of computer information is added.

The manual is designed especially for students of law colleges, students and cadets of educational institutions of Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and practical officers of law enforcement agencies. The edition will be useful for teachers, post-graduate students of law educational institutions.